Wednesday, October 14, 2015

In My Studio: Periscope

In the last couple of months I have been obsessively watching Periscope. In case you don't know Periscope I am writing this blog post to show how it works and how it can be used by your own small craft business.

What is it?
Periscope is a free video streaming app which you can download onto your device from the app store. It allows users to watch or broadcast videos in real time. What this means is that a bit like Skype or Facetime you can watch something that is happening right now. Whilst you are watching you are able to add comments which the broadcaster can see their end and also tap your screen to add hearts if you are enjoying what you are seeing. These broadcasts are then available for anyone to watch within 24 hours after which they are deleted.

How could this apply to my small craft business?

As a viewer:
Follow like minded crafters and small business owners for great advice and info. A couple I would recommend are:

Caitlin Bacher  @caitlinbacher    Small business advice, especially about social media strategies

Merriweather Council @merriweatherc  Wonderful and practical advice about Etsy
Recent Periscope from the Merriweather Council about optimizing your shop for the holidays

Danielle of the Merriweather Council
As a broadcaster:
There are many ways you could use periscope to video stream live to potential customers, collaborators and followers, here are some ideas:
  1. Show off or demo a new product
  2. Launch a new collection
  3. Small business discussion
  4. Tour of your studio
  5. Work in progress
  6. Behind the scenes look at a photoshoot or a craft show
  7. Question and Answer session
  8. Focus group (feedback on a new product)
  9. Teach a technique, do a demonstration
  10. Talk about a blog post
  11. Celebrate milestones
How this could be used by the HV Etsy Team?
  1. Host meetings: As everyone lives so spread out across our region meeting up has proved difficult. Persicope is a way that we could bring everyone together. One of the group leaders could host a periscope that them all team members could watch. They would be able to join in the discussion through their comments..
  2. Go behind the scenes at craft fairs, interview vendors and team members
I am yet to pluck up the courage to do a scope myself but would love to do one in the future so follow me on Periscope at @saraho32. I would love to see fellow members start to do scopes so please add your address in the comments and also add any recommendations of people to follow.
Good Luck and Good Scoping!



Sue DiGilio said...

Thank you for the information Sarah, it's a very intriguing concept. I will download the app and start following.

Sue DiGilio said...

Thank you for the information Sarah, it's a very intriguing concept. I will download the app and start following.