Monday, February 1, 2016

Meet Makers-on-Hudson!

We have exciting news to share with you today!  After being known as The Hudson Valley Etsy Team since we formed in 2008, we are changing our name and will now be known as Makers-on-Hudson!

As we continue to grow as a group, we wanted to identify ourselves as more than just Etsy sellers, although you can still find all of our shops there! We call ourselves different names - artists, designers, crafters, but the one thing we all identify with is that we are "Makers."  We are passionate about what we do and support the handmade movement which continues to thrive in the Hudson Valley.

Our name is a play on the "on-Hudson" towns located in the Hudson Valley like Hastings-on-Hudson, Croton-on-Hudson, Cornwall-on-Hudson, and Annandale-on-Hudson.  In the end, "Makers-on-Hudson" was agreed upon as a nice way to who represent who we are and where we're from.

If you follow this blog, update your bookmarks to our new blog  All of our Social Media accounts will be switching over to our new name shortly.

Our Etsy page has been updated which you can check out by clicking here and our official website is now