Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Where To Find The Hudson Valley Etsy Team This Weekend Part 1

This weekend it's time for one of the Hudson Valley's most prestigious and scenic arts and craft fairs - Spring Crafts at Lyndhurst in Tarrytown, NY. Our very own Elena Rosenberg will be selling here gorgeous fiber creations there. The fair at the majestic Lyndhurst castle will be open Friday, May 2 - Sunday May 4 from 10AM - 5PM (Saturday until 6PM). 
Elena Rosenberg
Elena Rosenberg
Elena Rosenberg
Elena Rosenberg
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Where To Find The Hudson Valley Etsy Team This Weekend

It's gonna be another great Sunday at Bazaar-on-Hudson! This week New Prospect Pottery will be selling her gorgeous functional stoneware and porcelain pottery in Cold Spring, what a perfect event for an Easter family outing.
New Prospect Pottery
New Prospect Pottery
New Prospect Pottery
New Prospect Pottery
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Friday, April 11, 2014

Where To Find The Hudson Valley Etsy Team This Weekend

Looks like it's going to be a gorgeous weekend! We have two craft fairs to recommend:

Silently Screaming Designs will be at St. Eugene's Catholic Daughters Spring Craft Fair at St. Eugene's Parish in Yonkers, NY, this Saturday, April 12, from 9AM-4PM.
Silently Screaming Designs
Silently Screaming Designs
Silently Screaming Designs
Huzzah Handmade will be at Baazar on Hudson on Main Street in Cold Spring, NY, this Sunday, April 13, from 10:30AM-4:30PM.
Huzzah Handmade
Huzzah Handmade
Huzzah Handmade
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How To Break through A Creative Block

Spring, the season of renewal, has arrived. Tulips and daffodil shoots have pushed their way several inches above the ground. The lawn is free of all but a few patches of snow, and the spring peepers sing loudly at night. The first crocus  has poked it's pretty purple head out from a ground cover of dried leaves. A variety of birds are visible.

With spring comes the beginning of craft show season. With craft show season comes the need to build up an inventory. The pressure of having to create on a deadline can often lead to a creative block.

Here are a few helpful ways to break through a creative block;

1. Step away from what you are working on and take a break.
2. Clean, organize, or rearrange your work area.
3. Take a walk. Often the environment can be an inspiration.
4. Flip through a collection of crafting books, art books, magazines, or other artists work.
5. Shop for new materials, or just go shopping.
6. Get some sleep.
7. Write down any inspirational ideas or thoughts.
8. Talk it out with someone.
9. Stay positive.
10. Don't pressure yourself.

Creative blocks can last for any amount of time, and hopefully not too long. A creative block can be what is needed to help refresh the motivation and inspiration that is needed to create.

Jenny - Reclaimed Designs

Friday, April 4, 2014

Where To Find The Hudson Valley Etsy Team This Weekend

We're ba-ack! We're declaring craft fair season officially open!

While it might still be a little chilly out for a proper outdoor fair this weekend, but there is a new indoor market starting in Cold Spring, the Bazaar-On-Hudson. It will be open every Sunday from 10:30AM-4:30PM, beginning this Sunday, April 6, and continuing through July 27 and is located at 103 Main Street.

This Sunday three of the members of the Hudson Valley Etsy Team will be vending at the Bazaar.

Pick up some of Pulp Sushi's jewelry...
Pulp Sushi
Pulp Sushi
...one of Huzzah Handmade's felted or knit items...
Huzzah Handmade
Huzzah Handmade
...and a functional ceramic piece or three by New Prospect Pottery!
New Prospect Pottery
New Prospect Pottery
And while you're in the area don't forget to stop by The Tailored Mermaid in Beacon :-)

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

In My Studio: Family Calendar Tutorial

Coming from a large family I decided to make a calendar wall hanging to keep track of everyone's birthdays. I had great fun making this and am really pleased with the results. The instructions for making your own are below, feel free to customize to your own specifications. Have fun!
Materials and Tools Required
Wooden Board
Letters F A M I L Y
Small disks  (approx. 50 will be needed depending on how many birthdays you wish to add)
Small sticky letters J F M A M J J A S O N  AND D
Scrapbooking papers x 6
Jump rings 0.35in/9mm x 85
Small eyelet screws x 12
Spray adhesive
Jewelry pliers
Electric drill
PVA Glue
Extra fine permanent sharpies
Ribbon or cord for hanging

1) Sand down the large wooden board
2) Drill two holes in the top of the large wooden board to enable it to be hung on the wall (as shown left)
3) Drill small holes in the top and bottom of each of the small wooden disks (as shown left)
4) Paint the edges of all the wooden FAMILY  letters in black, remember the inside of the A
5) Paint the large wooden board the desired background color, do a couple of coats.
6) Select the scrapbooking papers you want to use. Spray adhesive on the back side of the paper. Firmly press the right side of the wooden letter onto the paper. Leave to dry. Once dry use a very sharp scalpel to cut the paper around the letter
7) Paint the small wooden disks in 3 or 4 different colors to coordinate with your scrapbooking papers. Paint both sides
8) Use a sharp tool to make 12 holes along the bottom edge of the wooden board equally spaced out. Screw the eyelets into these small holes
9) Glue the FAMILY letters onto the painted wooden board, use a ruler to line them up and space them out equally. Leave to dry
10) Add the sticky letters onto 12 different disks representing the different months of the year: J F M A M J J A S O N and D (as shown left)
11) Write on the other small painted disks the family names and birthdays, use extra fine permanent sharpies in different colors  (as shown left)
12) Using the jewelry pliers open the jump rings and thread the disks onto the rings in lines of each month, order by the date with the month disk at the top.
13) Thread these lines onto the eyelet screws
14) Thread cord or ribbon through the holes at the top of the large wooden board to hang on the wall

"The way I see it, you should live life everyday like its your birthday"  Paris Hilton
Good Luck and Good Making
Sarah Omura
So Handmade