Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How To Break through A Creative Block

Spring, the season of renewal, has arrived. Tulips and daffodil shoots have pushed their way several inches above the ground. The lawn is free of all but a few patches of snow, and the spring peepers sing loudly at night. The first crocus  has poked it's pretty purple head out from a ground cover of dried leaves. A variety of birds are visible.

With spring comes the beginning of craft show season. With craft show season comes the need to build up an inventory. The pressure of having to create on a deadline can often lead to a creative block.

Here are a few helpful ways to break through a creative block;

1. Step away from what you are working on and take a break.
2. Clean, organize, or rearrange your work area.
3. Take a walk. Often the environment can be an inspiration.
4. Flip through a collection of crafting books, art books, magazines, or other artists work.
5. Shop for new materials, or just go shopping.
6. Get some sleep.
7. Write down any inspirational ideas or thoughts.
8. Talk it out with someone.
9. Stay positive.
10. Don't pressure yourself.

Creative blocks can last for any amount of time, and hopefully not too long. A creative block can be what is needed to help refresh the motivation and inspiration that is needed to create.

Jenny - Reclaimed Designs

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