Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Signposts and Guides for the Creative Life

"Every creator painfully experiences the chasm between his inner  vision and its ultimate expression."  Isaac Bashevis Singer

I've sure experienced this!  You start out with a great idea and the result is so disappointing.  When you examine what went wrong, it may be readily apparent - the materials were hard to work with, you didn't have the right tools, perhaps your skill level isn't there yet.

I suspect a more frequent problem is that the "idea" has not yet formed into a "vision".

I have one project that has been in my mind for over eight years.  I feed the crows in winter.  When I have scraps that I know they can use I put them out in my driveway early in the morning.  They watch the neighborhood and swoop in immediately.  One blustery day I threw out a bag of fortune cookies that were sitting on the counter.  The crows came down and as they plucked the cookies apart the fortune cookies swirled in the wind amidst the circling birds.  It was such a great picture!
I've bought the canvas.  I know the size I want, I have an idea of colors to use.  But I can't quite get the image settled in my head.  The ideas are there, but not the vision for the painting.  I can feel myself reluctant to start, not wanting to facethat disappointment that I screwed it up.

So the canvas sits in the corner.  The chicken heart sits at the computer writing this.
Have you had these experiences?  Is there something calling to you for expression that you're reluctant to tackle?  Good luck and courage to us all!


Susan DiGilio said...

All the time Becky! I usually work small-ish no larger than 18 x 24. I bought a larger canvas 24 x 30 and I kept putting off unwrapping and using. Finally one day I just started, paint can be painted over...ideas sometimes need to just get visual and then tweaked. I am still not happy with it but it is a work in progress and I am glad that I finally put paint to canvas!

becky nielsen said...

You're right, Susan. with acrylic, I can overpaint so it shouldn't feel like the mistakes would be impossible to fix! ood for you for getting started!