Sunday, December 29, 2013

Tick Tock Day - December 29th

We all know that with every new year comes the (insert appropriate adjective here) occasion of creating and acknowledging your New Year's resolutions.  But did you know that December 29th is a national holiday, too?  It is Tick Tock Day, so designated that you might complete your previous year's resolutions before it's too late.

So you have two days left to close the loop on things you planned to do this year.  Wanted to learn how to cook that delicious Italian meal?  Decided this was the year you would treat yourself to a tropical vacation?  Now is the time to, at the very least, take the first steps toward those resolutions.

Here is some HVNY Team inspiration to help you close Tick Tock Day with a feeling of success.

Was one of your resolutions for 2013 to have people over, throw a party, or just let loose and have a blast?  Well, if you haven't already fulfilled that wish, now is the time.  Make a plan to go to a New Year's Eve party or look at the calendar and set a date when you are going to have a nice, cozy winter open house in January/February.  Better yet, send out an Evite today!

Harlequin Design Venetian Style Mask by amberhlynn on Etsy

 Did you tell yourself that 2013 was the year you would finally go on that well-deserved tropical vacation, but haven't yet made the plans?  Go online right now and plan that trip.  Book it for later in winter when palm trees and daiquiris will be a nice escape.

Nude Beach Card by Drusilla on Etsy

Was mastering that gourmet dish one of your resolutions this year?  If you haven't already done so, find a mouth-watering recipe online and make that dish this weekend - in time to check it off your list for 2013 and also put smiles on the faces of those with whom you share this culinary delight.

Gourmet 100% Pure Garlic Powder by RockerBoxGarlic on Etsy
Is getting outdoors on your 2013 list of things to do?  Take the last opportunity of 2013 and get outside with your dog for a hike.

Dog Coat in Felted Wool with Buttons By HuzzahHandmade on Etsy
Whatever your unrealized 2013 resolutions are, take a quick review and determine what you can still do to close the loop, take the first step, or complete a lingering project before the ball drops on New Year's Eve of 2014.

Happy New Year!

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StoneandFiber said...

Great post! One of my goals was to cook healthier meals for my family. You have inspired me to do that today ~ thanks.