Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year From Hudson Valley Etsy!

Thank you all for your support and a great 2013!  It has been a great year of growth for our group and our name is really gaining attention in the Hudson Valley. We look forward to 2014 and working with and collaborating with many more groups in sharing our message of supporting local and handmade business.

Continuing our tradition on the blog, here are some of our wishes for the upcoming year.

2014 looks like the year I invest in some new equipment like a new camera and possibly computer. I hope to get my jewelry in a couple more stores in the Hudson Valley. I also think I need to finally stop being stubborn and find an Accountant.! :)  Marilyn - Pulp Sushi

I hope to concentrate less on jewelry and more on fiber. I'm planning to limit production of commercial yarn garments to the best selling styles only for the lower price points of my line. As for handspun, less dyeing and more use of natural wool colors in garments and bags, to appeal to the "green" customer. Promote more aggessively and consistantly. Be more selective about choosing shows and markets in the on going quest to find the right mix. Patti - Stone and Fiber

One of my business goals is to launch a new line that brings together my love for making jewelry and my love for magic and spiritual growth. I'm committed to launching this line properly with the appropriate level of marketing research, product testing, and a real website. Lisa - Merry Alchemy

I don't really do the resolution thing...but I am expanding my line to natural deodorants and toothpaste! And hoping to grow some of my household items as well. Gwen Beyond The Picket Fence

In 2014 my big goal is to redo my website. I want to get back into blogging as well as build out the shop element so people can shop directly from me. Ryan - WickedMint

I would like to create a website, start working with all-weather, non wool fibers, and work on some designs for men. I'd also like to pare down my line and redesign my booth set-up for shows so that it's more streamlined and easier to set up by myself. Kathryn - Huzzah! Handmade

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