Wednesday, December 4, 2013

In My Studio: Gift Ideas for Teachers

As the holiday season is well and truly upon us I am busy trying to buy gifts for all my family and friends. One set of people that I usually leave to the last minute- or unfortunately forget entirely are my sons ever patient, loving and truly wonderful teachers. This year I have begun to early; umming and aahing over what would be the most perfect gift. Amongst my deliberations are these cool ideas.
Make up a box filled with supplies that your teachers use daily at school such as Kleenex, hand sanitizer, crayons, construction paper etc. Teachers often have to purchase these with their own money so they will be thrilled to receive extras.
Gift cards. Teachers are always happy to receive gift cards, especially from a local coffee shop or regular lunch stop near the school
Donation to charity. A great idea is to make a donation to a charity in your teacher, or your child's class name. One example is Oxfam's donate school supplies program which for $25 provides school children in rural areas with lesson books in subjects such as reading, writing and arithmetic.

Oxfam's school supplies program 

Books for the classroom. Teachers are always happy to receive new reading material for their classrooms, consider some new books maybe on a theme that is close to your child's heart.

Homemade: Making cookies and other goodies is always appreciated especially if your child helped in the process. Personalize the goodies with the child's artwork. Another idea is to give the ingredients and the recipe of a family favorite dish.

And what better way to appreciate your kids teachers than by giving a truly unique and locally made item by one of our own Hudson Valley Etsy Team. Here are some of the items on offer which any teacher would be thrilled to receive:

Organic Chai Tea Loose $5 from TeaandSensibility

Gift basket $35.00 from Medicine Garden
Multi-Colored Christmas Tree Ornaments Holiday Tea Towel $18.00 from Wicked Mint
It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” Mother Theresa
Good Luck and Good Making!
by Sarah Omura - So Handmade

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