Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Life Of A Potter

The holidays are over. The shows are over..........for a while.

Do I just sit and recuperate? Do I start things I have been thinking of .....for a while

Do I make the pieces that were ordered that weren’t ready for the end of the year?

I just took a workshop about cone 6 glazes. John Britt, a funny, generous, potter, glaze maker, teacher, mentor, gave a 3 day workshop at Port Chester. It was quite a wonderful workshop that reinforced what I have been able to assimilate and a reminder of how much more there is for me to do............. He will be in Kingston in May and I will reinforce what I just learned.

We were a fairly large group of people who are working primarily at cone 10 who were interested in exploring reducing our carbon footprint by firing at a lower temperature.

The nuances of this reduction in temperature were something I wanted to learn about. We were divided into groups of 2 or 3. Each of us chose a different base glaze. This was to be mixed with the same colorants in the same proportion and on the same 3 different clay bodies. We were to make sets that would be fired in oxidation and sets fired in reduction. The only variable was base glaze and placement in the kiln. I chronicled parts of the workshop.

By extrapolating the information gleaned from this experiment I know I now have much more to do than just experiment. I need to take what I have learned and firm up ideas I have about surface.

Lynn - New Prospect Pottery

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a Studio by the Sea said...

It never ceases to amaze me how much science and time goes into ceramicists' work with glazing. Bravo!

Sue DiGilio said...

I have a new appreciation now for your beautifully finished products!