Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Inspiration Wednesday - Chameleon Tones

chameleon tones
Design Seeds- Chameleon Tones

I am so proud of myself for picking a challenging color palette for this week and actually making something with it!

Here is the necklace I created:

I started with the beautiful handmade porcelain pendant. It has flecks of green, yellow and blue in it so I thought it was the perfect starting point for this palette. Then I found in my bead stash the lime green enameled round bead, perfect when paired with the lime green porcelain button. To finish up that side of the necklace I wire wrapped a yellow porcelain donut, a porcelain heart and a porcelain bead. 

For the other side of the necklace I had these vintage lucite beads that look like wood which I thought was a perfect touch with the flower in the pendant. In between each "wood" bead I wire wrapped more porcelain round beads. I finished up the necklace with chain so it would be long but not too heavy.

I think I am going to start giving you guys 2 weeks to work on something  inspired by the color palette's I select. Don't worry though because I will be back next week to post some more inspirational pieces from the members of the Hudson Valley Etsy team to get you motivated to play along.

Here is the color palette for inspiration - the reveal will be October 31st:

autumn swirl
Design-Seeds Autumn Swirl

Here are some items from the Hudson Valley Etsy Team for inspiration:

Make an item or choose materials inspired by the palette and write a blog post about it, post the item for sale, or post the item on your website. Add the link to your blog post, shop or website in the comments in two weeks, to be featured as part of next weeks post please e-mail me at formysweetdaughter(at)me(dot)com before 6pm the night before.
The only rule is that if you use the Design-Seeds palette you must link directly to
Have fun and I can't wait to see what you make!


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Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

Beautiful Shannon! I like this week's color palette, I have some ideas already, just gotta make sure I have what I need at home, I think I do! :)