Wednesday, March 4, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Crafting and Snacking Round-Up

It's been a long, cold, snowy winter and I'm personally in a cold weather funk. One way to get the creative juices flowing is to break out the crafting supplies and try out some new ideas - along with some delicious snacks.

Here is a round-up of some fun St. Patrick's Day crafts and snacks.

1. Lucky Penny Letters

photo credit Made by Marzipan

This copper-colored LUCKY sign is something you could keep up all year, but it's also a great leprechaun St. Patrick's Day decoration.  It just uses paper mache letters, pennies, paint and glue.

Full tutorial here at Made by Marzipan

2. Pot o' Gold Cereal Snack

photo credit Yummy Healthy Easy.

Similar to Chex Mix, but sweet and made with Lucky Charms!

Full recipe here at Yummy Healthy Easy.

3. Shamrock Shoes

photo credit by Andres Hurtado / Magic of Ireland
Go thrifting (or maybe dig through your grandfather's closet) and find an old pair of "leprechaun" shoes. Pots of clover can be bought at a garden store, or easily grown yourself (germination is just a few days) and plopped into the shoes. Only catch? Clover needs warmth so this decoration will have to stay indoors if it's still cold where you live. 

photo credit The Parsley Thief
Beer and cheese. A match made in heaven. This dip has just a few ingredients and can be made in your food processor. It only calls for 1/4 cup of Guinness beer so, sorry, you'll have to finish off the bottle so nothing goes to waste.

Full recipe here at The Parsley Thief

Ryan - Lil' Mint and WickedMint

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