Monday, February 23, 2015

Ephemera: Something Meant to be Discarded

I am intrigued by the old, the 'antique', the cast away. 
Items that show the signs of use, whether gently or greatly.

Lately it's been paper ephemera and old worn out books.
I have been using bits and fragments of these in my art.

My collection keeps growing,

an autograph book belonging to 8th grade Anna. Page after page
of little ditties that for her were a sweet memory of school friends.

Well worn readers, spelling and astronomy books. I imagine them being used year after year.

Chemistry notes from 1941...

and my prized possession  a ledger book from the 1800's.

I love to bring these items out to use in ways that never would have been imagined when they were first used.

In my curiosity boxes I try to present these lost bits and fragments of life in an artful way.
Here my newly created fabric bird, is living with pages from old books, 
game pieces, old stamps and nature items, in a box made from a found drawer.

Recycled, up-cycled, re-purposed.
Hopefully not to be discarded too soon!

Sue DiGilio

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