Monday, September 29, 2014

Rhinebeck Arts Festival visit

This weekend I went to the Rhinebeck Arts Festival.  It was a lovely event with beautiful crafts.  It was full of fiber arts, jewelry, and furniture.  Live music added to the creative vibe.  My only complaint is the food, it would be nice for them to get creative food that matches the vibe instead of the county fair usuals of hot dogs and ice cream.   They had several great booths for kids.  We hit the Fiberflame booth, where my son painted a lizard and wove a leash for him.  Fiberflame now has a spot in Rhinebeck in addition to their original space in Saugerties.  It's a great place to take kids to try a craft, but also a great place to learn or demonstrate your own craft.  A bonus to the arts festival was discovering Will Lytle.  He was doing $1 portraits.  I got a family and a single portrait. He was also selling original illustrations that were magnificent for $20.  Another enjoyable part was the Shimbumi Silks demonstration.  I had actually bought a marbling kit previous to this event, so seeing it done by pros inspired me to do my own. I would recommend checking it out next year, it would be nice to see it grow into a bigger event.
Fiberflame's booth

Rows of supplies to make your own creation with the lovely Christina of Fiberflame

My son creating his lizard at Fiberflame's booth

tables of activities-Fiberflame

Original Illustrations by Will Lytle

Will Lytle drawing our $1 portrait

The Shimbumi Silks demonstration

Shimbumi Silks creating the design

Shimbumi Silks pulling the silk scarf out.


Jenny said...

I also attended the fair and was inspired. Thanks for sharing!!

HuzzahHandmade said...

Thanks for sharing the information about this show. Those silks are gorgeous.

Marilyn Perez said...

Loving these photos, so glad you shared them. I never heard of this festival before, very cool!

Deb BlueMoon Design said...

it was a really nice event. I was in the show for the first time. I sure do agree about the food vendors but the farmers market was a treat..Excellent assortment of artisans.