Tuesday, August 26, 2014

ETSY Success Book Review

I am a sucker for a $2.99 Kindle self-help book.
I do have a bunch of them loaded in my kindle.

But this latest one:


has a ton of helpful content from sellers that 
have sales in excess of thousands of dollars.

One artist who I have admired and been inspired by had 
a few very simple sentences to offer as advice.

One that intrigued me was something like this:

'Re-list often, even 2 to 3 times a day, if I don't re-list
I don't have any sales.'

This artist, I thought, had a ETSY store that was magically
self sufficient. But now that my attention was drawn to it, I realize that 
she does re-list very often.

So I followed her advice this week and re-listed at least once
every day. I did have two orders this week, which for me
is  a lot. I do have better sales at craft fairs but am working to increase my ETSY 
sales. I will give this another week to see if it really can help.
The increase in business should off set the increase in fees...hopefully :)

There is a lot of helpful information here from some very successful sellers.
I know that with all the changes that have taken place on ETSY,
each and every sale is hard earned.

I did follow through with the second week of increased re-listing
but did not have the same results.
However traffic has increased and theoretically that should
result in increased sales.....

The ETSY mystery to be continued.......

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