Monday, June 2, 2014

In My Studio: Sew Woodstock

In the center of Woodstock a new sewing studio has recently opened its doors. The studio called Sew Woodstock offers many great ways for visitors to explore their own creativity. In a gorgeous light and airy space patrons can make use of the sewing machines, cutting tables, mannequins and ironing boards to make their own creations, bringing their own fabrics or buying from the colorful shelves.

The studio offers clients the ability to pay for a one-off day pass or join the co-op enabling them to come anytime during the studios regular opening hours. It is a great way for people without the room and equipment at their own homes to make use of the comfortable and well-equipped space whilst also providing a way for like minded sewers to sew, improve their skills, share ideas and develop friendships. The well stocked supplies shelves reminded me of old fashioned haberdashers store, brimming with wonderfully packaged sewing provisions.
Sew Woodstock also offers different classes in all aspects of sewing crafts including embroidery, dressmaking, crochet and beginners sewing machine classes. Up to date class schedules can be found on the website:
Sew Woodstock has come to life through the determination of Sally Russ and Molly Farley.
Sally, Sew Woodstock’s proprietor, was taught to sew as a child by her mother. Sally has many fond memories of shopping with her mom for fabric and looking through pattern books together. For about three decades, sewing was put on the back burner, and she made her living as a photographer. Her interest in sewing resurfaced about four years ago when she started a weekly sewing group. The great success of that group, and the general surge in interest in made-by-hand, gave her the idea of creating a sewing shop and co-op available to the public, and Sew Woodstock was born.

Molly is Sew Woodstock's resident alterations expert, teacher and vintage reconstructionist. She has been sewing for most of her life, initially learning from her mom in Minnesota who was a sewing teacher. The past seven years were spent working in the costume department at the Fisher Center Theatre at Bard College working with students and the Summerscape Opera Seasons. Molly's love of recycling and reusing clothing and textiles fits right in with the Sew Woodstock philosophy of repurposing.

Sew Woodstock is a wonderful addition to village of Woodstock, bringing together many of the community's attributes with today's new domesticity. I truly hope that with our patronage and support it will flourish and other communities will follow in its success.
Tel: 845 684 5564

"Sewing mends the soul"  Anonymous

Good Luck and Good Making!


Marilyn Perez said...

What a gorgeous looking space!

Deanna Davis said...

Exciting. Wish I lived closer!

cal said...

i'm so happy to have Sew Woodstock in the area too! i prefer not to shop at big chain stores, so now i'm over the moon to have such a lovely, independent sewing and fabric shop, and a new place to teach classes as well!