Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Inspiration Wednesday

autumn hues

Here is the color palette I was working with this week. I love Fall colors. I was working with a Life Coach a few months ago and she told me I am most myself when I am grounded and in touch with the earth. She couldn't be more right. I find that I am most confident about my work when it has these colors in it, that when I have been spending too much time indoors I am cranky and when I get out and go for a walk I come back energized and inspired. 

I made a ton of pieces this weekend inspired by this palette but I am only going to share a couple here today.

etched copper butterfly

porcelain flowers

etched copper leaf

handmade lampwork glass beads

etched copper leaf 

handmade porcelain circle

wood beads and silk

The necklace in the middle is unfinished as you can see, I ran out of wire at the cabin so I had to stop there but I have gotten more wire and will be finishing it this week.

Here is the palette for next week:

flora tones
Bet you thought I was going to pick another fall palette :-) 

Here are some HVNY Team items for inspiration:
Unisex Japanese Weave Black and Blue Aluminum Bracelet, Chainmaille Bracelet, Chainmail Bracelet, Square Rings

Make and item or choose materials inspired by the palette and write a blog post about it, post the item for sale, or post the item on your website. Add the link to your blog post, shop or website in the comments next week.
The only rule is that if you use the Design-Seeds palette you must link directly to
Have fun and I can't wait to see what you make!
Have an Inspired Wednesday!


Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

Here's what I made from your Fall palette:

You look like you were super busy! They all came out great!

Debi - Tinks Treasure said...

Esp. love what you made Marilyn. Too bad the following week we can't post each thing that was made using the palette. It would be fun to see what other people created too.

Shannon Chomanczuk said...

I have been thinking of that too Debi. I think if people were to email me what they made by the night before I could add it to the post.

Lisa Walbridge (Merry Alchemy) said...

I think that's a great idea to post what others did, too. I love to see your work Shannon. So beautiful. I'm collecting all your palettes for when I get time to sit at my bench again (hopefully soon!).

a Studio by the Sea said...

Those are gorgeous color combos! I really like the autumn tones with pink.

Angela Alvin said...

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