Monday, September 12, 2011

Packaging : Part I - INSPIRATION

If you're a frequent Etsy shopper I'm sure you've received purchases that arrived in packages almost too pretty to throw away.    Since most Etsy sellers almost never meet their customers in person, the way you package and ship your products says something about your shop - make sure you're saying something amazing!

Providing nicely packaged orders will help make your shop appear professional, promote repeat business for your shop, and increase the value appearance of your products.

In this weekly 3-part series we will look at examples of nicely packaged orders, discuss how to evaluate your own packaging, and provide resources for packaging materials.

Packaging Inspiration from HVNY Sellers

How you package your items will depend on what you have to deliver, but don't be afraid to get creative with supplies and use this as an opportunity to show off your brand.

Below you'll see examples of using promotional post cards, pin-back buttons and stickers to customize otherwise standard packaging supplies.  We also show a few examples of how to present jewelry using traditional jewelry boxes and others using less conventional containers. 

Wicked Mint

Tickled Pink Knits

Sweet Olive Jewelry

Anjali Creations

Esthera Guirre
Tink's Treasure

Charms of Faith

Next week we'll discuss how to evaluate your current packaging situation and think about ways to make it even better.

Have you made any Etsy purchases and been thrilled with the presentation?  We'd love to hear your stories and ideas.


Anonymous said...

This is great Ryan! I'm always trying to tweak my packaging. :)

Lizzie B. said...

Love the packaging and LOVE the new blog design. Very "clean" and reader friendly!