Thursday, August 25, 2011

Have You Seen This?

The mighty oak.  I love the wood.   The oak was worshiped by the Druids and home to Norse gods. I love the acorn and all that it symbolizes.  It holds the potential of great possibilities and its future is strength and grandeur.  On top of it all the oak leaf is the ultimate symbol of autumn.  Who as a child didn't collect oak leaves and iron them between wax paper or help a kindergarten teacher pin them to a back-to-school bulletin board?  Oak leaves just scream, "Hey!  Summer's over!  Pack your bathing suit and sunscreen and break out the oak leaf earrings!"

Can we talk about these earrings?  How spectacular is the copper skeleton and the impression that they are as light and delicate as the tissue paper thin remains of an actual leaf?  But really, it's the scale. I love the size (3.25"x1.75") coupled with the airiness and color of the copper.  These bold oak leaves by JSWMetalworks are a true statement piece!  They whisper in your ears that the brisk, invigorating fall is upon you and the size tells you that you can do grand things.  Who wouldn't want to wear a pair of earrings that have so much to say?

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Debi - Tink's Treasure said...

These are beautiful - just like Judy!