Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Have You Seen This?

Cabo, here I come!  These shoes make me want to book a flight to Mexico and get comfy on a white sand beach with an ice cold cervesa.  Shandke hand paints these Toms canvas slip-ons, to order.  Whatever you want she'll work it up.  Tip-toe thru the tulips?  She'll paint tulips on your toes!  All hands on deck?  Shawna can work up some anchor embellished shoes to keep you steady on your feet.  Take the dog for a walk.  Look down, he's on your shoes.  Whhhoooo's that on my sneaks?  Owls take a seat.  Cool your heels and chill in these hand painted, custom designed, Tom's shoes.   


Drusilla Kehl said...

Beyond cool! Those are brilliant!!!

becky nielsen said...

Very cool! And Tom's are so light and comfortable, plus they support a good cause.

Anonymous said...

Love this design :)