Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Your Boss

Now that we are in prime Holiday Shopping season, the team would like to bring you a series of gift guides to help with your gift giving needs. Some folks may be harder to shop for than others.

For me, finding a gift for my boss was always kind of hard. You don't want to give them anything too "personal" but you still want to show that you put some thought in to your gift.

You can never find a paper clip when you need one.  Bring some style (and order) to the workspace with this decorative box.

Forget the cheap mug that comes with the individually wrapped hard candy that no one eats.  A cool travel mug or a scented coffee to please the senses will do the trick.  It may help give your boss when they're swamped - you get a promotion!!

Toasty Warm Fused Glass Coaster Set from Get Glassy
I love the colors in this coaster set, not only is it unisex but very classy.


Unknown said...

Great collections! Smart ideas for any boss.

Debi said...

These are great suggestions for the boss!